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As a Personal Financial Fiduciary® organization, our main purpose is to help individuals and families on their journey toward achieving, then sustaining, financial independence. 


Our desire is to work with a limited number of clients, as their primary trusted

adviser - their Personal Financial Fiduciary® - for all their important investment and financial decisions.


Investment Portfolio Management


Creation and maintenance of an investment policy statement that details a target long-term return, risk, and asset allocation target


Investment due diligence and selection, with a focus on low-cost index exchange-traded funds


Discretionary investment management utilizing statistically driven techniques (primarily mean variance optimization) to achieve a portfolio structure with a suitable rate of return for a given amount of risk


Reporting of performance and asset allocation, accompanied by market return commentary on a monthly basis


Financial Planning


Comprehensive evaluation of a client's current and future financial cash flows, asset values, and expense needs to determine the probability of success in reaching future goals.


Performed exclusively by Certified Financial Planner® professionals.


Retirement Plan Consulting


Primarily for business owner clients, we provide fiduciary services on pension, profit sharing, and 401(k) plans. This may include investment policy statement preparation, selection of investment vehicles, performance and compliance reporting, and educational support to plan participants.


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