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We believe clients expect advisors serving in a position of trust to be  independent, ethical, and professional. To meet this expectation, we established four principles, or Fiduciary Obligations, as standards to be used throughout the advisor-client relationship. They are:


  1. The duty to have a reasonable, independent basis for advice given, regardless of the subject matter in question

  2. The duty to obtain best execution for a client when serving in an intermediary capacity

  3. The duty to make certain that our advice is suitable given the client's individual objectives, needs, and circumstances

  4. The duty to always be loyal to the client


As a Personal Financial Fiduciary® organization, we are hired to manage the decision-making process, or in most cases, make the ultimate decisions in the ongoing management of a client's financial matters. A number of actions are required to make this objective a reality.


Utilize a holistic approach toward the management of our clients' wealth. This includes: a) clearly understanding each client's objectives, and why they are important, b) identifying the facts and circumstances that might impact the desired financial outcome, c) constructing, managing, and measuring the outcome from a variety of options that has the best probability of realizing the stated goal, d) considering mitigating factors on the journey to, and in financial independence, that might impact the likelihood of reaching or maintaining that objective. 


Manage our clients' money solely in their best interests.  This requires objectivity, a formalized decision-making process, a familiarity and understanding of a fiduciary standard of care as well as a commitment to consistently apply them.


Help clients make logical, rather than emotionally-driven decisions. When the future is uncertain, the media is declaring a crisis, and the general mood is depressing, there is a tendency to react from a position of fear.  That emotion, when not kept in check, can derail a sound long-term strategy that is meant to achieve or maintain financial independence. 

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